How to add/edit testimonial section using Stoic Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Stoic Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a profoundly well-designed, visually sophisticated, clean and robust wordpress theme. It has been the #1 selling HTML template in ThemeWagon for several years. It has thousands of customers who build numerous websites till date. In 2017 we’ve made the WordPress theme keeping the same design for the Themeforest community, which has just got a brand new update to accommodate the latest versions of WordPress and more. It’s become more powerful, robust and truly multipurpose with customizer and visual composer. It’s a beautiful WordPress theme to build multipurpose websites like business, agency, personal, portfolio, consultancy and more. In this post we will see how to add a testimonial section in a website using Stoic Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

At the very beginning we need to create a page or edit an existing one to add the testimonial section. Here I am creating a page titled Testimonial Tutorial.

After creating the page, we need to switch to WPBakery Visual Composer to add the testimonial block. Click on the Frontend Editor from the top of WordPress Editor.

In the frontend editor you will find something like this:

Click on the plus icon from the top left corner or click on Add Element button at the bottom of the page. A window similar to the screenshot below will appear. Switch to the Stoic Blocks Tab. Here you will find the UI elements of the Stoic Theme.

Select Stoic Testimonials Section from the list. After that you will find something like this screenshot.

You can add title and subtitle for the whole section as well as background image for it. We are going to add all of them to see their effect. We need to change the settings for row to stretch the row to full width without padding to accommodate this block. At this point we will save the block. After that we will get a block similar to this one.

Now we have our testimonial section, yet something is missing. There is no testimonials in it. To add testimonials to this section, we have to click on the plus icon at the center of the block. Hover on the section to see it if you can’t.

You will find something like the screenshot above. Click on the Stoic Testimonial element from this window. After that, a new empty testimonial will be added to the section and following edit window will appear.

Fill up the necessary information in this window and you will get a nice testimonial section with one testimonial available in it. To add more testimonials to this section you have to click on the plus icon at the bottom of the section. Remember, you will find two plus button there, click on the one at the top. This will provide you the window to add testimonial element. Repeat the process to add as many testimonial element you want to add.

STOIC gives you the flexibility to develop a cutting-edge, clean design. The demos are built with the options from the theme, so you don’t need any extra coding work to make any sections or pages like the demo ones. You can easily build your own unique design through the visual composer.

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